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At Delmarva Adult & Teen Challenge Seaford Men's Program, we teach men principles with purpose. Through biblical principles we help men define who they are and provide them with the tools needed to assist them in the process of recovery.

Are you looking for an answer to your or a family members drug addiction? Is alcohol abuse becoming chronic? Have these and other life-controlling problems been spinning out of control. Delmarva Teen Challenge offers a place. A haven of hope for adult men. For men eighteen and older the program is both intensive and dynamic. In his book "Wild At Heart" author John Eldridge says that, "deep in his heart every man longs for a battle to fight and an adventure to live…" The battle for many is drug abuse. The adventure is what God has in store for those who will walk in His ways.

A rigorous and regimented program Teen Challenge offers both personal growth and group studies and counseling. A variety of vocational training programs are available.



• Phase 1: Induction

Students begin to build a foundation of healing and overcoming addiction

•  Students learn the basics of a productive lifestyle and how to live in a community


• Phase 2: Training 

- Students dive deeper into the core issues of addiction and we focus on engaging and empowering them through our faith-based approach.

- Additional academics, vocational training, and other life skills classes are added, including parenting education

- Opportunities to participate in work programs and community outreach which facilitates the learning of fundamental skills and character qualities, such as: responsibility, industry, dependability, commitment, self-discipline, and the importance of serving others  


• Phase 3: Re-entry

- The student is assisted with reintegration into society.

- Goals include utilizing the tools learned to facilitate a continued drug-free lifestyle, individual spiritual growth, living independently, maintaining healthy relationships.

- For more information on our Seaford Men's Program, please call our Intake Coordinator at 302-337-9100. 

Frequently asked questions

Our programs requires that you detox – preferably a medically supervised detox – prior to entering the program. Most communities have detox centers. Local centers can often make recommendations about where to go to detox.

Dual diagnosis is common with individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Most Adult & Teen Challenge programs are not licensed as drug or alcohol treatment centers that employ licensed therapists. Instead, they utilize Christian faith-based discipleship training to help those who come to them for help with addictions.

If an applicant’s mental health issues are beyond the scope of a local Adult & Teen Challenge program, that individual will most likely be re-directed to other treatment facilities that can properly care for those with dual diagnosis special needs.

Delmarva  Adult & Teen Challenge program lasts 12-18 months. Progression through the program depends on each student’s determination and work, rather than a specific time table.

?????   Sponsoship ???? Will I be turned down if I am Homeless and nead help  ????  Can the state help me ????  Where can I get the Help I've realise I need if I can't afford to pay.... ????  

Yes, but the supervision officer must be informed. Many participants enrolled in the recovery program are at Teen Challenge as a condition of their probation or parole. Applicants need to take care of any warrants or legal proceedings before entry. Supervision appointments and reporting will be conducted as part of the participant’s case management. Contact the admissions coordinator at Delmarva Adult & Teen Challenge for further details.

The Induction Phase encompasses the first 4-6 months. During this Phase, the student is obligated to complete FOUR Teen Challenge Curricular Contracts (which will include individual Bible studies, introspective assignments, scripture memorization, etc.) A student who complies with the directives and finishes these assignments will then be considered for completion into the Training Phase. The Training Phase exercises these Biblical principles learned by demonstration and application, working in his daily life. 

After the student completes his Induction phase, he will have the opportunity to pursue his G.E.D. if he chooses to do so. Staff will assist him in achieving this important goal.

Upon entry into the program, each student is assigned a counselor to provide individual one-on-one guidance and mentoring determined by that students’ particular needs. The proven cure for life-controlling problems is based on the embracing of Biblical principles to spiritually improve the quality of his character.

After 30-days in the program, the student will be allowed one fifteen (15) minute phone call each week, normally on Saturday evenings. A student will only be allowed to call persons on his authorization list (i.e. immediate family or his pastor). Phone usage is a privilege and will be monitored by Staff. The student is automatically charged only $5.00 from his personal account for the entire month, either local or long distance calls.

The student can write his immediate family and pastor immediately upon entering the program. All incoming and outgoing mail will be monitored by Staff.  

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Each student is assigned a counselor upon entering the program. All inquiries relating to the student will be handled by his counselor or a designated Staff representative. When inquiries are made and the assigned counselor is not on duty, any message(s) will be forwarded to the student’s counselor, and the Staff on duty will address your concerns.

Absolutely! Students participate in both Personal and Group Studies for New Christians. The classes’ curriculum helps to establish a foundation of Biblical knowledge leading to spiritual growth. The faith- structured classes also develop the main goal of the program: a life-changing, continually growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

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No. The induction fee is a non-refundable fee regardless of the length of time a student remains in the program.

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For more information on our Seaford Men’s Program, please contact our Intake Coordinator at (302) 629-2559.


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